Want to give your deck an edge against the competition? Introducing expansion packs! These 10-card supplements are designed to enhance any deck of your choosing. Each pack contains 1 LV.5 blend and 9 synergistic cards for support.

*Heroes and gems not included. Starter Set or Starter Deck is required to play!


Catalyst, Catalyst Controller, Fleet, Fleet Reacher, Fume Blitzer, Ion Banger, Lattice, Lattice Crusher, Luster, Luster Striker, Nectar, Nectar Resolver, Pearl, Pearl Deceptor, Photo, Photo Synthesizer, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Enchanter, Rage, Rage Domesticator, Season Ascender, Skyward, Skyward Commander, Storm, Storm Weaver, Tremor Bounder, Verve, Verve Conflicter

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