In preparation for our upcoming KICKSTARTER campaign, we are excited to introduce our first-ever booster packs! After months of testing, our card designs are nearly finalized. These packs are the closest iteration yet to what you can expect from our final product.

200 packs are available for online purchase (with 400 printed in total). Each pack contains 7 cards from the 25-card Kickstarter Sample set, including 1 LV.5 Blend or 1 holo LV.5 Blend, 1 LV.4 Blend, 2 LV.3 Blends, 2 LV.2 Blends, and 1 Gem. 50% of packs contain a holofoil card. Each card includes a sample edition icon as well as the Kickstarter Sample set icon. The card back may change in the Kickstarter print run.

This is a PREORDER! Packs will ship by the end of March or early April. Limit 5 packs per order.


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