Have you met QWERTY?

The strongest connection between our world and Gemlandia can be found right on the Gem Blenders Discord server, through the “bot” affectionately known as QWERTY. Although our access to QWERTY’s functionality has yet to reach its full potential, it’s easiest to think of QWERTY as your one-stop shop to understanding Gemlandia. Here’s a breakdown of what QWERTY has to offer right now.

Did you know? QWERTY's full name is QWERT-YX94, or Quantum Wave Electrogem-Regulated Transceiver - Year X94. 


QWERTY’s commands can help answer questions you may have when you’re building a deck. Here are just a few common deck-building questions and their corresponding QWERTY commands.

What blends are compatible with this blend?

QWERTY command: !b2b (blend-to-blend)
Here’s how it’s used:

Pattern: !b2b [blend name]
!b2b angel
!b2b rage domesticator
!b2b flurry shifter

The “blend-to-blend” command is a useful way to find the blends that use the same gems as a specified blend. It will provide you with “super-blends,” which require all of the gems in the blend you specified and then some, and “sub-blends,” which are blends that require some subset of the gems in the blend you specified. 

What blends are compatible with these gems?

QWERTY command: !g2b (gem-to-blend)
Here’s how it’s used:

Pattern: !g2b [gem 1] [gem 2] ...
!g2b aquagem terragem
!g2b aqua terra cryo electro nocturna lucio

As you can see, the “gem-to-blend” command also returns super-blends and sub-blends for given gems. It’s especially useful if you want to find blends for decks that have more than 5 gem types. Note that you can use the gem emotes instead of writing out the gem types or their abbreviations!

What does this card look like?

QWERTY command: !disp (display)
Here’s how it’s used:

Pattern: !disp [card name]
!disp gem search
!disp chao
!disp wave ram

For this command, any card name will work — just make sure that the card is spelled correctly!

What are all the blends or heroes of a given level?

QWERTY command: !lv (level)
Here’s how it’s used:

Pattern: !lv [level number] [“hero”/”blend”]
!lv 3 blend
!lv 1 hero

The last big command for QWERTY will let you do a more in-depth search of cards that fit certain criteria you’d like.

What are all the cards that have a specific attribute I want?

QWERTY command: !search
Here’s how it’s used:

Pattern: !search [attribute name]
!search replace-effect-phrase
!search invisible-gem

The search command will get you where you need to go, whether that’s life gain, scrying, or even looking at your opponent’s hand. All search terms can be found here. QWERTY can’t read minds, so make sure to use a pre-defined term!

I’m Listening!

Even if you don’t want to bother QWERTY with a command, it’ll listen to what you say if you use double brackets. This is useful if you’re talking with someone about a card (or multiple) that you’d like to see more about without taking up a lot of space. QWERTY will provide all of the relevant info you’re looking for! Here’s an example.

QWERTY can help you keep track of the monthly tournament, too. If you’re starting a match with someone during a tournament, it will listen to announcements within single brackets that follow a particular format. An announcement will look something like the following:

[official tourney match @strongblender vs. @gemlord]

QWERTY will make sure to log that in the monthly tournament records! The only things you will need to change are the player names.

I hope you learned a little bit more about what QWERTY is and how you can utilize it efficiently as a deck-building tool. Until next time, happy blending!

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