Start your Gem Blending adventure with the Gem Blenders trading card game! Mix and match powerful gems to transform your heroes into extraordinary blends. Do you have what it takes to outwit your opponent?


Learn the Basics of Gem Blending: Power up your heroes by combining an intricate blend of gems to unlock transformations, and maneuver your team’s formation for the ultimate strategic advantage. 


Seamless Learning: With almost zero keywords, Gem Blenders creates a seamless learning experience for players of all types. 


Each box includes:

  • 1 54-card Starter Deck 
  • 1 Rules Sheet
  • 1 13-card Booster Pack 

You run your business with cold, calculating tactics. All those years as a Fowl in the mailroom make the view from the 187th floor that much sweeter. One day, when you’ve crushed your enemies beneath your heel, you’ll achieve what you’ve been working toward for so long: an office on the 188th floor.

“Troops,” the Hive Enforcer bellows, as she paces through the ranks, “Today may bee the day we beecome everything we want to bee. No, everything we HAVE to bee. To triumph today, we must bee courageous; we must bee bold; we must bee ravenous for victory. Now, get your beehinds in line, and buzz out!”

Timmy anxiously pretended to sleep. He hung his stocking with care, and put Milk Herald milk and cookies out by the fire. His door opened. “Didn’t your mother tell you to be asleep when I came, Timmy?” Timmy gulped. With a violent lunge, the Joy Ringer scooped Timmy up in its sack, and fled into the night.

The stage in the Fashion City club is meticulously lit, reflected only by a constellation of glossy, unwavering eyes. A Pearl Deceptor commands attention as it glides from mark to mark. The audience savors every detail of the spectacle, unaware that the true performance is not the show, but the shadow.


Build Your Collection: Perfect for collectors looking to expand their universe.

Create Unique Decks: 
Refine your decks with each booster pack, adding a new dimension to your gameplay.


Host a Draft: Invite 4-8 players to draft their decks and engage in epic battles through tournaments or casual play.


Each box includes:



Build More Decks: For the avid deck builder whose creativity outshines their current gem collection, the gem pack is the ultimate supplement. 


Host More Drafts: Supply 1 gem pack per 4 players to start drafting booster packs right away.

Each box includes:

  • 111 Gem Cards (includes 1 holographic bonus card)

Player-Friendly Model: In Gem Blenders, collectibility directly correlates to the utility of the cards in gameplay. The more flexible and playable the card, the more common the card is. The most common cards are lower level blends and actions. This trend continues up to LV.5 blends, which have niche, strategy-defining effects, and are more resource-demanding.


Gem Blenders booster packs each contain randomized cards, including 1 rare (holo rare 30%, secret rare 5%), 2 uncommons, 8 commons, 1 gem (holo gem 10%), 1 hero (holo hero 10%), and 1 token.


Searching for Secret Rares: In just 5% of booster packs, you’ll find a holographic secret rare alternate art LV.5 blend. These cards are illustrated by a guest artists, and go beyond the numbers of the other cards in the base set. They are denoted by a small heart rarity icon. 


If you find an upside down heart icon, you’ve found a misfit secret rare! These are the rarest cards in the game, appearing in just 0.5% of booster packs. There are 6 misfit secret rares to collect, 1 for each guest artist.   

For those who grew up with Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the allure of creating your own trading cards is very familiar – for Steve Sekula, this was no exception. From an early age, Sekula drafted numerous homemade trading card games on the backside of business cards. Instead of growing out of his obsession, he decided to take it to the next level.

     An ode to the early internet and old school video games, the first iteration of Gem Blenders began as a simple HTML webpage. In the world of Gemlandia, citizens use elemental gems as a source of energy to power their society – and certain gifted individuals have the ability to combine gems, allowing them to use transformations called “blends.” These heroes are known as Gem Blenders!

As Sekula began exploring each combination of gems, the Gem Blenders card game took shape. In 2019, the team launched their first Kickstarter campaign to print the beta version cards. After working through the pandemic, the team entered a period of refinement, using these cards to host local events in NYC and to travel to conventions across the country. In 2023, Gem Blenders returned to Kickstarter with a re-invigorated design, funding the first edition print run as a full-fledged TCG.

     Today, Gem Blenders stands for the creativity of lo-fi art, the inclusivity of trading cards, and the joy of in-person connections. We believe everyone should be welcome to create, play, and collect. Most of all, we believe in creating a game that’s true to ourselves. We hope you will join us!

Steve has been making trading card games since he was a kid. He’s a fan of all things Pokémon, and grew up playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering. He’s working to build his own creative studio dedicated to crafting high quality titles with unique concepts and art styles that break away from traditional board game and fantasy tropes. Outside of his nerdy ambitions, he loves fine art.

Sam met Steve as freshman year roommates in college, and he’s been beating Steve at games ever since. Gem Blenders is no exception. With an eye for business, Sam is the perfect support for Steve’s creativity – Sam keeps things running smoothly and on schedule. His love for healthy competition also expands into sports, as he continues his high school and college basketball career in a local intramural league.

Fascinated with game design in every aspect, and with countless hours of board game experience, Ben joined the team after minoring in the NYU School of Game Design. With a healthy drive for entrepreneurship, he quickly became a dedicated founding member, pushing the original founders toward new success (and driving them insane in the process). He also enjoys playing the piano.

David is fascinated by the rich worlds that exist to simultaneously accommodate and inform trading card designs, and he aims to create lore that provides a similar sense of wonder for Gem Blenders players. Outside Gemlandia, he’s also drafting up automated tools to make deck building easier for players new to the genre. He loves to spend his spare time engrossed in classic murder mystery novels.

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