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The Island of Misfit Blends

I collected a lot of things growing up – marbles, rocks, sea shells, of course trading cards – but there was one collection that I prized most of all – my PEZ collection.


Playing with Personality

Expressiveness is a core part of all games, but even more so in TCGs. It’s a realm where we get to express ourselves through the medium of the cards and show our excitement in doing so.


Effective and Expressive Play in Trading Card Games

Generally, expression exists within the framework of winning the game; it is only a question of how a player wins the game. But when that “how” comes into conflict with actually winning, things can get messy.

bolt_ram small

Going Big or Going Home – Part 1

Chao: Alright team. We’re here. I can hear the crowd through the ceiling. You all know our game plan.
Dexter: Our gameplan… yeah, right…


The Convention Experience

You walk into the convention hall right at opening and you feel the air-conditioning breeze hit your face. It’s going to be a great day trying out new games and making memories


It’s Called Community

There is no better feeling than being welcomed and accepted by your peers. When you find a place, a home, filled with people who share your interests and welcome you as part of their family, it’s unparalleled serenity.


All About Aggro

Aggro strategies are as old as the concept of gaming. Also known as “blitz” strategies, you can find evidence of aggro in nearly every category of game, where the philosophy is that a good offense is a good defense.


The Perfect Deck

My bags were packed. I was ready to go and get in my taxi. “Now, do I have everything?” I mumbled to myself. “Oh, how could I forget?” I picked my Gem Blenders deck to prove the world wrong


Rare Gems Found at Collect-A-Con

I was mostly going to Collect-A-Con for a Metazoo tournament and to hangout with my friend in Texas, not really expecting much. The convention hall felt no different than the card shops in my home state, the same kind of collectibles at every table.


The Favorite: A Terragem Story

Life as a card was pleasant, but sometimes I couldn’t help but feel anonymous — who really cared about a lonely Terragem?

Max’s finger brushed my edges before attaching me to the center hero.


An Insider’s Look at Our New Patreon

Back in the spring of 2018, I began to illustrate the characters of Gem Blenders. When faced with designing the blend cards, I encountered an interesting dilemma: If blends are transformations used by the specific heroes on your field, what is the best way to depict them?


Let’s Get Down to Business: Incorporation

This month, I’m focusing on a different side of creating a TCG – the formation of a business entity. It’s not the sexiest topic, but it can be as necessary as incredible gameplay and design!


A Brief History of the Gem Blenders Meta

I joined the community in December 2019. With that I can still proudly recall the first match I ever played online. In this match I beat the lead designer Steve at his own game!


A Winner’s Guide to Gem Blenders Drafting

What’s up guys?! I’m back at it again with another blog post to bestow my philosophy upon the masses. Today we’re looking at an experimental new format some people in the community


Have you met QWERTY?

The strongest connection between our world and Gemlandia can be found right on the Gem Blenders Discord server, through the “bot” affectionately known as QWERTY. Although our access to QWERTY’s functionality has


The Four Schools of Blending

At first glance, it may seem that every blend in Gem Blenders is a random selection from the 9 basic gem types. However, if you take a closer look, there is actually


4 Clever Combos to Diversify Your Gameplay

Hi, and welcome to another installment of The Gemlandian! With an emphasis on multi-gem decks and an abundance of hero and blend effects, there are countless card interactions you can use to


How to Maximize Your Gem Efficiency

Greetings from Belgium, and good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on where you are! Today I will dive a little deeper into how to choose what gems you should add to your


6 Tips for Building a Consistent Deck

In this post, we’ll focus on the basic tenets of deck building, which are essential to maximizing the power of your cards. These tips are intended for players who have played the


Common Actions You’ve Probably Been Using Wrong

Hello and welcome to the first installment of The Gemlandian Strategy Guide, where we give you all the tips and tricks we’ve learned through the years of being tournament-qualifying professional Gem Blenders.

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