What is an expandable card game?

An expandable card game is a term that includes games in the trading card game (TCG), collectible card game (CCG), and living card game (LCG) genres, all of which introduce new sets of cards over time to vary the player deck building and gameplay experiences. In its current form, Gem Blenders is most similar to Fantasy Flight Games’s LCG given there is no card rarity or booster packs. In the future, we plan to introduce additional sets in a variety of forms, so there will always be something new to look forward to.

Can I try Gem Blenders before purchasing?

Yes you can! We currently host online game testing on our Discord server multiple days every week. Introduce yourself, meet other community members, and learn about the game.

What sets do I need to play?

The Starter Set is required for gameplay because it is the only set that gives players access to hero cards. Every deck in Gem Blenders requires 4 unique hero cards, and the Starter Set comes with 50! 

While the Starter Set includes 2 premade starter decks, it also comes with enough bonus cards to build approximately 2 additional decks. To get the full Gem Blenders experience, we recommended getting the Master Set in addition to the Starter Set as it adds many new cards that enhance the deck building and gameplay experience.

Which rulebook should I use? 

As with most expandable card games, Gem Blenders has a fair amount of rules to learn in order to start playing. We provide three ways to learn the rules to make it as easy as possible:

How to Play Video: Great for beginners and visual learners. In 7 minutes, it details every card type, deck building requirements, field positions, turn phases and attacking.   

Quick Rulebook: Perfect for those looking to jump right into the game and learn as they go. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to begin a game as well as a complete outline of the turn structure.

Complete Rulebook: Offers a complete overview of every aspect of deck building and gameplay. The “Advanced Rules” section goes over some more niche rules that aren’t required for basic gameplay, but may come up over time. 

How many players can play together?

2-4 players can play Gem Blenders together. While 2 players and 3+ players have slightly different rule variations, the core gameplay is the same. To learn how to play with 3+ players, check out the “Three or More Players” section of the Complete Rulebook.

How long do games last? 

Games generally last between 20-40 minutes. Beginner games tend to take longer when learning the rules and understanding card text, and we encourage players to adjust starting HP totals or number of rounds accordingly to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible.

What ages is Gem Blenders designed for? 

Ages 13+. While the world of Gem Blenders is great for all ages, the strategic nature of deck building and gameplay is generally better suited for those 13 and older.

Can you ship internationally?

Currently, we can only ship within the United States at affordable rates. If you would like to inquire about international shipping costs, email info@gemblenders.com and we will put together a quote. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and we will work to expand our shipping range moving forward.

When can we expect more sets?  

We are always hard at work thinking about and designing new cards. Check out our community Discord to stay updated on future set prototypes and game testing. We are transparent with our card development process and are actively seeking input from the community about what types of cards they want in future sets.

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