Catalyst Corporation

As a Catalyst Controller, you run your business with cold, calculating tactics. The view from the 187th floor is a view of progress – of the company and of your own. One day, when you’ve crushed your enemies beneath your heel, you will finally achieve what it is you’ve been working on for so long: an office on the 188th floor.

Pearl Performance

The stage in the Fashion City club is meticulously lit. The beauty and spectacle of the performance can be witnessed from any angle, without an iota of diminished luster. Yet the true talent of lighting comes not from the show, but from the shadow. Yes, for the Pearl Deceptor, it’s what the lights don’t show that is most important.

Hive Swarm

“Troops,” the Hive Enforcer bellows, as they pace through the ranks, “Today may bee the day we beecome everything we want to bee. No, everything we HAVE to bee. To triumph today, we must bee courageous; we must bee bold; we must bee ravenous for victory. If we succeed today, it will bee beecause everyone of us looked into our souls, the very essence of our beeings, and found the strength that has always beelonged to us. Now, get your beehinds in line, and buzz out!”

Joy Holiday

Little Timmy anxiously pretended to sleep under his covers. He knew that soon, a Joy Ringer would visit his house! He had made all the preparations – hung his stockings with care, put the Milk Herald milk and Terragems out by the fire, and carefully cleaned every inch of his room, just like his mother had instructed him. Suddenly, he heard the creak of the door. “Oh Timmy,” the Joy Ringer said, “I know you’re not asleep Timmy. Didn’t your mother tell you to be asleep when I came tonight?” Timmy gulped. With a violent lunge, the Joy Ringer scooped Timmy up in its sack, and fled into the night.

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