The Four Schools of Blending

At first glance, it may seem that every blend in Gem Blenders is a random selection from the 9 basic gem types. However, if you take a closer look, there is actually a method to the madness. In this post, I will explore some of the background lore that forms the basis of blending in Gemlandia.

A Subtle pattern

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the gem makeups of some of the LV. 5 blends in the Base Collection:

The first 3 gems listed on every LV. 5 blend are a combination of Aquagem, Terragem, Pyrogem, Cryogem, and Electrogem. These are classified as Elemental gems. Each deals with a specific element.

Now, take a look at the last 2 gems of each LV. 5 blend. You’ll find that each blend has a Luciogem or Nocturnagem as its fourth gem, and an Aerogem or Caprogem as its fifth.

Luciogems and Nocturnagems are classified as Transcendental gems. Both are mysterious in origin but commonly used throughout modern Gemlandia. Every LV. 5 blend uses a transcendental gem.

Similarly, every LV. 5 blend also uses an Aerogem or Caprogem. These are physical gems and allow for major physical transformations (i.e. wings or horns). 

Now let’s get a sense of the history and implications of this observation… 

a brief history

It is no coincidence that each of these blends contains a combination of a Transcendental and Physical gem. These gems are used to make the four foundational blends of Gemlandia: Angel, Fowl, Herald, and Ram.

These blends rose to prominence during the Transcendental Revolution and were the first to be used commonly throughout Gemlandia, thus becoming known as the Four Schools of Blending.

While each of the Four Schools remained their own entity, they had a unified pursuit for knowledge and understanding. Together, the Four Schools ushered in the Blend Renaissance — a prolific period of blend discovery which led to the creation of many of Gemlandia’s most iconic blends. Over time, blends that use 3, 4, and 5 gems were discovered as well.

a closer look

Why were the Four Schools the first blends? The answer is not completely clear, but it seems to be a matter of both fate and coincidence.

Gemologists have long cited Trancendental gems as the most mysterious gem type, because they don’t conform to the scientific patterns of other gems. Many believe that Transcendental gem energy and the ability to blend gems are inherently intertwined.

Additionally, physical gems like Aerogems and Caprogems occupy a very unique role within the gem energy spectrum. These gems are essentially fossils, and are the only gems to come directly from animals. 

Blendologists speculate that the combination of Transcendental and Physical gems makes the most stable gem pairing. While not every blend necessarily uses either of these gem types, they are a prerequisite for all LV. 5 blends, which are the most powerful and complex blends.

a lesson learned

Now when you take a look at blends, you’ll be better able to make sense of the gems they use. Gemlandia’s most powerful blends can each be traced back to one of the Four Schools of Blending. The Four Schools are the backbone of Gemlandia’s blending culture and their methods are still taught in the Gem Blender Academy.  

The Four Schools of Blending are just scratching the surface of Gemlandia’s lore. I hope you enjoyed it because there will be plenty more to cover in future posts!  

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