Top 5 Rarest Gem Blenders Cards

WHAT’S UP GEM BLENDERS?! Today I’m going to walk you through the TOP 5 RAREST CARDS and how to get them! As a member of the design team, I have the inside scoop behind our first print run, and I can’t wait to share our secrets with you. Never before has anyone conducted a thorough analysis of card rarity – and the results are surprising!

Before we begin, let’s take a quick moment to explain “PE” and “1E.” As a thank-you to our amazing backers, all products ordered through Kickstarter were printed with a holofoil first-edition stamp, as seen below on “Erin.” These cards are known as “Premium First Edition” or “PE” for short. Meanwhile, First Edition (1E) cards such as “Francisco” here also have the first edition stamp, just not in holofoil.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into the list, starting at number 5!


Foil 3-Star Actions

A 3-star rating is only reserved for the most powerful of action cards. Each of the seven “3-stars” has the potential to make a huge impact in a game of Gem Blenders. Since each deck can only have up to 5 stars, that means only one 3-star can be included in each deck, if any. This led us to include 3-star actions in the “rare” slot of booster packs on a 1:7 ratio compared to LV.5 blends. Each unique foil 3-star only has a 0.5% chance of being pulled, making them almost twice as rare as any foil LV.5 blend and securing them a spot in the top 5 rarest cards.


Secret Rares

These alt-art cards are considered by many to be the most collectable card type, with 6 different guest artists providing their own unique flavor to the lo-fi card design. With 24 different designs to collect, who will be the first to collect them all? Each unique secret rare has a 0.2% chance of being pulled from a booster pack, and a 4% chance of being pulled from a Secret Box Topper pack (Box Toppers can only be obtained from buying a whole box of 36 booster packs. We like to think of them as a special thankyou for supporting our game).


Foil Gem Search

That’s right, foil Gem Searches exist! They are the only common card to receive the foil treatment. There is a 0.2% of getting a foil Gem Search instead of a basic gem in a booster pack, and even a 2% chance of getting a foil Gem Search in a Gem Pack. Some players may open many boxes and never even see one!

Fun fact: Non-foil Gem Searches are actually the most common card by a large margin, with approximately 18,412 printed across all 1E products.


Foil Heroes

This might be surprising to some people – a foil hero is in 10% of booster packs, how is that rare?! The answer is because there are 55 different heroes, making each foil hero a very unique card! Compared to the unique versions of the cards on this list so far, there are a ton more heroes to collect. While it will be easier to get a foil hero in general, it will only be a 0.2% chance to get the exact hero that you want.

Honorable Mentions

Foil LV.5s

Still quite rare and collectable, a foil LV.5 blend can be found in 26% of packs, and each unique card is only found 1% of the time.


The rarest hero token is Erin, only found in 2% of booster packs! I always feel very excited when I see Erin as the last card.


The last card of every pack is either a Hero Token or a QWERTY Fact. With 20 different QWERTY Facts to collect, these cards offer a surprising challenge for the dedicated collector.

Starter Deck Tip Card

While each Starter Deck has a 100% chance of having a tip card, the relatively low number of starter decks printed compared to booster packs means that each tip card only has a population of 350, making it the surprising 6th rarest card type by population. It’s not too hard to collect them all, though!



It’s no surprise that Misfits take the top spot, being the secret rare version of a secret rare! Inspired by classic PEZ dispensers, each Misfit’s colors have been changed from their original version, and their background switched with that of a different card by the same artist. Only 0.6% of packs have a Misfit, making each misfit occur in only 0.1% of boosters. Even in the Secret Rare Box Topper, each misfit only appears 2% of the time. If you ever see an upside-down heart in the bottom right-hand corner, consider yourself one of the lucky few!

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