Drafting is a fun way to play Gem Blender with your friends! By drafting, you can have fun opening packs, making decks, and playing games with scrappy, creative strategies that you may not have tried otherwise!



  • 4 packs of Gem Blenders per person
    • Each pack contains
      • 1 Hero token
      • 1 Gem
      • 1 Hero
      • 1 LV 5 Blend or 3-Star Action
      • 2 in any combination of LV 4 Blends/2-Star Actions
      • 3 in any combination of LV 3 Blends/1-Star Actions
      • 4 in any combination of LV 2 Blends/0-Star Actions
  • Unlimited supply of Basic Gem cards
  • Hero Tokens
    • Players can use any face-down card to represent a Hero Token
    • Hero Tokens have no stats or abilities
    • Each player may have up to one Hero Token of each LV (no duplicate LVs)
    • Hero Tokens count and act as Heroes, and may also be included in your sideboard


  • Draft Pool
      • Each player will accumulate a face down stack of cards known as their Draft Pool
  • Broadcast Channel
    • The first card drafted  from each pack is placed face-up in front of the player, separate from the Draft Pool


  • For each pack, each player does the following simultaneously:
    • Open the pack, you may look at the cards
    • Take the Hero and add it to your Draft Pool (face down)
    • Pick any card in the pack and place it in the Broadcast Channel (face up)
    • Pass the pack to the left*
    • Pick a card from the new pack and add it face down to your Draft Pool. Pass the pack and repeat until the packs are depleted
      • *For the first and third packs, players should pass clockwise. For the second and fourth packs, players should pass counter-clockwise

Deck Building Rules

  • Players construct 44 card (4 Heroes, 40 Non-Heroes) decks
  • Normal deck building restrictions of star counts and duplicate card limits do not apply
  • Players may use up to 4 Hero Tokens in their starting lineup as well as their sideboard.

Extra Play Rules

  • In draft games, you may mulligan twice
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